How to install your boksONE parcel box at home?

Comment installer votre boîte à colis boksONE chez vous ?

Installing a Boks parcel box is simple and requires no major work. In fact, our system works without requiring an electrical or internet connection.
Here are the few steps to follow for installation at your home in just a few minutes.

1. Choose the location of your boksONE

First of all, the choice of location is essential, your Boks must be visible to delivery people, carriers and postmen. Furthermore, your connected parcel box must not encroach on public roads (particularly sidewalks).

Here are some locations we can recommend:

  • Near your doorbell or intercom
  • Near your front door if access does not require your presence
  • In the driveway or access corridor
  • Near your mailbox (if you don't replace it with the boksONE)
  • Instead of your mailbox (you can replace your mailbox with the boksONE.

2. Choose the mounting method that suits you

Choose your fixing method: from the rear or from the base (diagram below). If you wish to attach it from the base, four heightening feet are available. In fact, we advise you not to place your parcel box in direct contact with the surface of the ground.

3. Secure your boksONE parcel box in 4 simple steps

  • Four drilling points are required to attach your Boks. They are placed at each end of the fixing surface and already drilled on your Boks .

  • Mark the drilling points on your wall or floor using a pencil. Then drill these points using your drill. We recommend a drilling diameter of 8mm and using a spirit level to position your Boks vertically.

  • Once the points are drilled, simply insert the 4 universal dowels and screw your Boks to them. Consider adding the elevation feet for attachment to the base.
  • Finally, your Boks is equipped with a mechanical emergency lock in the event of a breakdown. Stick the lock pad on the latter. This will avoid misunderstandings from your delivery people (who might think that it is a classic PTT pass); find out why we don't use PTT passes here .

Once your Boks is fixed, simply follow the tutorial in our Boks application ( Android and IOS ) and let yourself be guided to configure your parcel box. Voila, you are finally ready to receive your packages at home in all circumstances.

Do you live in a building? This article does not concern you! The installation of boksHUB is included in your subscription and therefore ensured by our maintenance team.