Rexel transforms the delivery of electrical equipment with connected parcel boxes Boks installed at its customers

Rexel Transforme la Livraison de Matériel Électrique avec des Boîtes à Colis Connectées Boks Installées Chez Ses Clients


Rexel, leader in the distribution of electrical equipment, solutions and services for professionals, is constantly looking for innovations to improve its customer service and optimize its supply chain. Faced with the challenges of efficiency and safety in the delivery of electrical equipment, particularly for construction sites and professional installations, Rexel identified the need to offer a more flexible and secure delivery solution to its customers.

Solution: Installation of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes as Autonomous Delivery Locks at Customers’ Homes

To address this problem, Rexel deployed an innovative solution by installing Boks Connected Parcel Boxes directly at its customers' premises. These boxes act as autonomous delivery airlocks, allowing the secure reception of the electrical equipment ordered, without requiring the physical presence of the customer or their employees.

Key benefits

  • Flexible and Secure Deliveries: Boks offer unprecedented flexibility for receiving orders, allowing Rexel customers to receive their materials 24/7, according to their convenience, while guaranteeing the security of the delivered products.

  • Optimization of Time and Resources: By eliminating the need for customers to be physically present to receive orders, Boks enable better management of time and resources on construction sites and in businesses. 

  • Improved Delivery Traceability: Thanks to a connected system, each delivery in a Boks box is recorded, providing complete traceability for Rexel and its customers, and ensuring better inventory and resource management.

  • Reduced Risk of Theft and Damage: Securing deliveries in Boks boxes minimizes the risk of theft and damage to electrical equipment, a crucial aspect for high-value equipment.


Rexel's initiative to install Connected Parcel Boxes Boks directly at its customers premises has revolutionized the delivery process for the electrical equipment industry. This solution not only strengthened customer satisfaction by offering increased flexibility and security but also helped optimize Rexel's supply chain. Autonomous delivery locks represent a significant advancement in the way professional supplies and equipment are distributed, offering a response tailored to the specific needs of professionals in the field. This use case perfectly illustrates how technological innovations can transform traditional delivery practices in the B2B sector, by providing solutions that are practical, secure, and economically advantageous.

Client configuration:

  • Boks size L or XL depending on the volume and format of deliveries to each site
  • REXEL delivery drivers are equipped with an NFC BoksTAG badge allowing them to access each Boks. REXEL customers are equipped with the Boks application with a tailor-made Role authorizing them to collect their parcel via the mobile application