boksONE mail and parcelbox

BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
BoksONE + 1 TAG [Offre Hexaom]
Color : Anthracite gray (RAL 7016)
Color : Anthracite gray (RAL 7016)
Color : Anthracite gray (RAL 7016)
Color : Anthracite gray (RAL 7016)
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Free 90 days return
Receive your packages at home, even when you are not there

The connected and secure mailbox that allows you to receive and return all your packages and letters, even when you are not at home.

Quite simply.

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The advantages of BoksONE

No more pickup relay

Compatible with all carriers

Easy to install

24/7 - Secure - Intelligent

Designed to meet all your expectations

Easy to install - Wireless - Without WiFi

Up and running at your home in less than an hour

3 possible installations

Wall Mount

Ground Mounting


No wiring

No electricity or
or Internet connection required

Everything takes place in the mobile app

Package tracking, code generation
for the delivery operator...

They are installed at our customers' premises...


Simple for you and for your delivery person

Thanks to the Boks mobile app ,
generate codes for delivery drivers, track delivery and open your Boks in BlueTooth

They talk about their BoksONE

Life changing product!


I received and installed my Boks 3 months ago and it is a real pleasure: the delivery people use it several times a month, even a week, without any problem. The product is of very good quality, much more robust than I imagined. It seems a little expensive to buy but it changes everything so much that I wouldn't hesitate for a second if I had to do it again! Well done and thank you Boks :)

SARA Kauffmann
Date of experience: August 1, 2023

Second boks still so satisfied


It's really practical for receiving packages as well as dropping off an item that someone can pick up without you being present. It is solid and has good capacity.

Need Solution Service
Date of experience: June 28, 2023

After-sales service and exceptional products


Good morning,
Essential products with new consumption patterns...
A company that listens to its customers, which offers a credible and very high-quality service!
Much success to you, maintain this policy for your growth and customer satisfaction 👍👍👍

Date of experience: January 18, 2023

Thanks Boks!


I order products daily from merchant sites and cannot be available to receive my packages. This is ancient history. The size of the Boks is perfect for all my packages and the mail net is very practical!

Yann D.
Date of experience: January 6, 2023



Well done designers!!!
It's really awesome 👍
TOP Customer Service 👏
We write, we phone ☎️ and we get a response within minutes!!!
Assembling the KIT is exciting 🤩
A marvel, quite simply!!!
We recommend to everyone, individuals and professionals.
Didier and Christiane QUINT.

Didier QUINT
Date of experience: December 20, 2022

An innovation that makes life easier!


A large space to receive large packages, a secure mailbox thanks to its unique code system, and package tracking within the application.
To receive packages almost daily, I'm a fan!

Date of experience: December 11, 2021

Finally an innovation more than Super…


Finally, a more than super useful innovation. As a professional and faced with daily deliveries and "blockages" of half days, or even days waiting for packages, with all the hazards that ensue, I am very satisfied with my BOKS.
As a little extra, only comfort for my private use as well.
My BOKS has been installed since February or March 2021 (from memory), and since then no distribution "misses".
Congratulations to the whole team.

Date of experience: June 29, 2021

I admit I was skeptical at first


It has now been installed since November and it is a real comfort.
The boks itself is solid and seems durable over time, the concept is very well thought out.
Overall very good product if you frequently receive packages

Date of experience: March 10, 2021

The revolution is in the mailbox!


Just perfect ! A fan of online orders and living in the countryside, I traveled a lot of kilometers to collect my packages left at the various collection points. Today my mailbox underwent a life-changing update!

Ludovic R.
Date of experience: November 4, 2020

Good discovery.


Corresponds well to the description. Slightly longer assembly time

Hugues Dequen
Date of experience: May 2, 2023

Common Questions

Very simply and in 3 steps:

1. I provide an opening code to my delivery person (I can also activate opening by postal badge from my Boks app to avoid this step)

2. My opens my Boks and drops off my package

3. Once notified of my delivery, I open my Boks via Bluetooth (or using a BoksTAG badge) to collect my package!

He has 3 options to open my Boks and drop off my package:

1. I have entered a permanent opening code in my delivery address (available and editable in the Boks app)

2. I give a single-use opening code by telephone directly to the delivery person at the time of delivery (which I generate on the fly from the Boks app)

3. The delivery person is a postal operator and opens with his electronic building access badge (provided that I have authorized this type of opening from the Boks app)


Your BoksONE is powered by 8 AAA batteries (TV remote control battery type) which give it a battery life of 2 to 3 years. It does not need WiFi or any other internet connection since it regularly communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone, and uses the latter to update its usage information and opening code sets.

NB: The BoksLINK WiFi bridge (available as an option) however allows you to connect your BoksONE to the internet permanently, in order to be notified in real time of your deliveries, and to be able to open remotely from your application to any person wishing to drop off a package or item. If these features interest you, choose the optional PassONE+ which will allow you to access them.

External dimensions: H70cm x L40cm x D37cm

Useful dimensions: H65cm x L35cm x D35cm

A BoksONE has a comfortable capacity of 95L allowing it to easily accommodate 5 to 6 shoe boxes, while still having space for your mail and other small packages!

Breakdowns are extremely rare on Boks products.

However, if a problem should happen to you, a hotline is available as well as a chat and the contact page of the website: an advisor will respond to you within the day.

Please note that all parts are available and very easily replaceable in the event of a problem.

Do you have a shipping label provided by your e-retailer?

Log in to the Boks mobile app and navigate to the “Parcel Returns” tab. Copy your return label number to automatically schedule a collection from your postman. Once validated, you receive directly via the Boks mobile application the date and time of collection of your package. All you have to do is drop it in your Boks parcel box.

Do you want to send a package?

Connect to the chosen carrier's website and schedule a parcel delivery from a mailbox. In the “Collection address” field, enter a delivery code (generated from the Boks app). Then place your package in your parcel box on the date indicated by the carrier.

Yes ! This is even the reason for Boks products: to remain accessible to 100% of delivery people.

As it is you who choose who you wish to give an opening code to, you are the one who controls the access rights. Boks technology is inherently compatible with any type of delivery person and therefore merchant.

  • When choosing your payment method, select Paypal.
  • Log in to your Paypal account or create one.
  • Choose 4X payment.
  • Your request will be verified in just a few seconds.
  • Once your request has been accepted, validate your payment.
  • Manage your monthly payments from your Paypal account.
Do you need more information?

Receive your parcels at home, even when you're away. Want to return an order? Simply drop it off in your Boks.

Secure payment

by credit card or Paypal


at home in a week

Free return

for 90 days

Payment in 4x without fees

via Paypal