General operation

  1. Generate a one-time code in the Boks app
  2. Send the code to the delivery person by indicating it in the additional addresses or in the information useful for delivery (let yourself be guided by the Boks app to do this)
  3. Collect your package from your Boks once you have received notification from the carrier, by opening it via Bluetooth via your Boks app.

Click in the app on the “How to send this code?” button. at the bottom of the code generation page, which will inform you how to proceed.

Here is the procedure if necessary: ​​copy the mention generated by the app (eg: boksA253code998A5B) in the address form intended for delivery on the e-commerce site at the time of your purchase. This mention must appear on the label affixed to your package when the delivery person comes to drop it off. To do this, it is best to copy the mention (eg: boksA253code998A5B) in the 1st or 2nd line of your address (eg: Additional information, Building, Floor, Staircase, Digicode, etc.). Your goal is to enter the opening code with as much common sense as possible, to ensure that it appears to the delivery person on the package label.

If you forget to mention the opening code on the delivery address, it is possible to generate a code directly over the phone with the delivery person (during delivery of your package).

No. Your Boks is energy self-sufficient (thanks to a replaceable battery with a lifespan of 2-3 years). It is only connected to the internet thanks to the user's smartphone, which it uses to communicate when the latter opens it via Bluetooth.

The Boks service is operational on all e-commerce sites, and via all carriers, anywhere in the world, as long as the one-time use code is correctly entered in your address form.

For now, Boks delivers BoksONE and BoksHUB to all French-speaking countries in Europe. For any questions relating to the provision of the service in other foreign countries (outside French-speaking Europe), please provide us with your contact details by telephone (07 80 91 93 80), via our contact form or by e-mail at so that we can call you back.

All Boks are compatible with the boksTAG provided they are equipped with a V2 keyboard (present on all boks sold since June 2022) and can be configured in a few seconds using your boks application.

If you do not know the model of your keyboard or if you want to purchase a V2 keyboard, contact customer service at


Installation / dimensions / maintenance

Product technical sheets are available on each of their pages.

  • BoksONE: H70 x L40 x D35 (cm)
  • BoksHUB: H100 x L50 x D43 (cm)
  • BoksPro: H100 x L50 x D43 (cm)
  • BoksMax: H120 x L80 x D80 (cm)

Delivery times are given as an indication and may vary depending on production hazards, particularly during the Covid period:

  1. BoksONE: approx. 3 weeks (in the event of product customization, the delivery time may be extended)
  2. BoksPro: approx. 3 weeks (up to 12 weeks during Covid period)
  3. BoksHUB: approx. 3 weeks after acceptance of the draft resolution included on the agenda of your general meeting
  4. BoksC&C: delivery times on request.

Our teams remotely diagnose the functioning of your Boks and travel in the event of a problem (or offer you a replacement product in the case of a BoksONE during the 2-year warranty period).

You can also report a malfunction that we have missed by telephone (01 87 65 05 87) or by e-mail ( so that we can initiate an intervention if this proves necessary.

After 2 to 3 years of use, the Boks battery should be replaced.
In the case of a BoksHUB, it is made available as part of the rental contract for the service.
In the case of a BoksONE or the boksPRO, it can be purchased commercially or through our brand by sending an email to

Our customer service is available 24/7 by telephone and email to answer your questions and help you resolve your problems:

  • Telephone: 07 80 91 93 80
  • Email:


Mechanical safety

Your Boks is resistant to vandalism: it has a motorized rotating tumbler lock resistant to 300kg of traction, and is constructed from high quality, reinforced sheet metal, with a thickness of between 1.0 and 2.0 mm, and resistance much higher than that of a mailbox (not as much as a safe but more than an industrial security cabinet).

Electronic security

The access codes to your Boks are single-use (valid for a single opening) and are generated by an asymmetric encryption algorithm. They allow only the inhabitants of your residence as well as the carriers to whom you have sent one to access your Boks.

Application and community security

Each package opening, closing, deposit or recovery operation is traced and recorded. The complete activity of a Boks is permanently available and can be consulted by the latter's co-users in the app (History section in the menu). The Boks mobile application also uses a collaborative verification system of the number of packages present in your Boks.

NB: boksHUB: A connected scale to monitor the weight of packagesThe boksHUB (Boks for buildings) are equipped with connected scales that weigh packages. This ensures that another package has not been stolen during delivery. It is also able to ensure the correct collection of a package by the user without any other package being stolen. If suspicious activity is detected, the system will notify its users.

Each Boks opening or closing operation is associated with a single-use code generated by the Boks user:

  • For the delivery person, this is a keyboard code generated by the Boks user via its Boks app (transmitted by the customer to the delivery person via the delivery form on the e-commerce site)
  • For the Boks user, this is a code automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the Boks when the user wants to open it to collect their package
  • All Boks opening/closing activities are thus tracked and recorded in the system, and can be viewed in the app.

We have decided not to equip your Boks with the barrel compatible with the La Poste PTT pass: the latter is copied far too much and would weaken the security of the system while causing loss of tracking of parcel deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, our code system fulfills all the functions of the universal pass: all delivery people and postmen can open the Boks using the single-use code provided to them.

Our boksTAGs can be configured in a few seconds from your application and allow you to grant individual access authorizations to a user or a trusted delivery person.


Use of the Boks

Yes ! Use your Boks to have all your packages delivered to you, regardless of the carrier (La Poste, Chronopost, DHL, TNT, etc.) and the e-retailer who entrusted your package to it (Amazon, Veepee, CDiscount, small local sites, etc.). The one-time code that you generate is the key to dropping off packages by a delivery person: so there are no restrictions linked to the carrier or seller!

Activate a Boks opening code on your computer? It's easy thanks to the Google Chrome Boks extension!

  1. Download it here
  2. Once installed, log in using your Boks account (identical details as the mobile application)
  3. Then simply click on “activate a code” to start generating the Boks opening code

Don't forget: copy/paste the Boks mention containing the opening code into your delivery information for your order so that the delivery person can deliver to your Boks.

Absolutely ! Here are the steps:

  1. generate a new delivery person code using your Boks app
  2. send this code by SMS to the person you asked to collect the package(s)
  3. ask them to inform you as soon as the package(s) are recovered

Important: then complete the operation in your app by clicking on the link “I have already collected/dropped off my package” appearing under your pending operation on the main page of your app

You have access to all the history of withdrawal and deposit operations carried out in your Boks in the “History” tab of your Boks app.

The single-use opening code is valid as long as it has not been typed on the Boks keyboard. So your delivery person will be able to deliver to you even if you have mistakenly indicated your package delivered.


boksONE specific information for your home

Of course ! Your BoksONE has a mail slot allowing you to receive your mail without the postman having to receive a code or open the locker door. Thus, BoksONE can replace your existing mailbox as well as complement it.

Your Boks can be delivered in 4 different colors: white (RAL 9010), beige (RAL 1013), light gray (RAL 7035) or anthracite gray (RAL 7016). Visuals are available on the website in the section describing our products.

Your Boks is equipped with a high-security electromechanical rotating groove lock that can be opened using a single-use code by any type of delivery person you trust enough to pass it on.

In the unlikely event that the latter breaks down, you have an emergency opening key. However, the emergency cylinder is not intended to be used on a regular basis (your BoksONE would then lose its connectivity obtained via Bluetooth via your app, and would no longer allow opening and closing activities to be traced).

Your Boks can be fixed from below (on a flat surface such as a low wall) or on a wall, door or gate. You will need to use the 4 anchors and fixing screws provided and use a drill.

Please note : your Boks must not be installed on a public road (e.g.: overhanging a sidewalk) but on a private area (e.g.: under a porch, in a recess, on a private access road, etc.). This is the only installation constraint.

No. You can install a Boks by yourself. Only four screws and plugs provided are necessary to secure the Boks to the wall or floor. You will only need a drill. Refer to the instructions for assembly.

2 types of Boks opening codes are at your disposal:

  • Single-use code (punctual deliveries)
  • Permanent code (for trusted people)

If you live in a house and own a BoksONE, you will need to contact your insurer to see if the latter can provide compensation.


Specific information boksHUB in a building

We support you in requesting your BoksHUB for your building via a simple and intuitive online form. Let yourself be guided !

  • If you are an owner, simply send your request, possibly accompanied by the estimate, to your trustee or your union council who will do the necessary with us (an installation can be the subject of a vote at the general meeting of co-owners)
  • If you are a tenant, you must send the installation request to the owner of your property (if it is an individual) or to the latter's manager (if it is an institutional entity): he or she will then be able to take the necessary steps to installation of the service in your building.

The Boks teams remain at your disposal to support you in this process. Please provide us with your contact details via our contact form or at so that we can call you back.

  1. Download the Boks app (search for “Boks Logistics” on the App Store or Google Play)
  2. Create your account using your email address and a password of your choice
  3. You must then (on the next screen) pair up with one of the Boks in your building.

2 options are possible :

You have received an e-mail from Boks containing a secret activation code. Enter this secret code in the field provided for this purpose. You are then associated with a Boks and ready to use it: its registration is visible in the section “My Boks” from the application menu (this same registration number is indicated on the front of the Boks).

You have not received an e-mail containing a secret activation code. Then enter the registration number present on one of the Boks in your building (this number is visible on a black registration plate located under the alphanumeric keyboard of the Boks) A request for access authorization is then automatically sent to the manager or caretaker of your residence, who must validate your request (in particular in order to prevent outside people from having access to the system) As soon as this authorization is granted Once recorded, you will receive an e-mail from Boks informing you of your access to the service and the registration of your Boks (you can find this registration number in the “My Boks” section of the application menu )

When registering on the mobile application, you must enter the number of the Boks located in your building. If you have the wrong number, you can contact customer support (on our site or directly from the mobile application) to make a manual modification of your Boks association request.

A scale is integrated into each of the BoksHUBs that are installed. Thanks to automatic weighing, the connected scales make it possible to control any withdrawal or deposit of packages in the Boks.

So with the complete history available in the back office it will be easy to trace the openings, closings and thefts of packages.

In order not to jam the Boks for too long with your parcels, go to the Chat section of your app, for example to ask for help from a neighbor, who could collect your parcels in your absence, and keep them available home when you return.

Yes of course. Remember to use the chat on the Boks mobile application to notify them, and to acknowledge receipt of your package once it has been collected (this keeps the activity history up to date and therefore reinforces the security of the system) .

If a co-user has asked you to collect a package(s) for them, inform them (by phone, SMS, email or via the Chat section of your app) once the package is collected, and ask -him to acknowledge receipt of his package via his app by clicking on the link |I have already collected/dropped off my package| ; in this way the operation will be closed.

If you live in a building, contact your concierge, your trustee manager, or your union council to notify them. The Boks company will replace it as soon as possible. If your packages have also been stolen, file a claim with your e-merchant and/or your carrier, as you would in the case of a traditional home delivery that did not arrive; the latter must normally compensate you or reship your goods


Specific boksPRO information for professionals

BoksPRO allows you to receive your packages 24/7, even when you are unavailable. Between professional obligations and appointments, it is not always easy to receive your packages. In addition, the BoksPRO allows you to receive 100% of your packages thanks to its dimensions. Finally, full access to the backoffice is available with the BoksPRO subscription. You can thus find the entire history of BoksPRO (of your employees, delivery people, etc.).

The BoksPRO allows the reception of packages from your employees but also from carriers thanks to larger dimensions than the boksONE. The volume of the boksPRO allows you to receive many packages simultaneously.
In addition, from 4 users, a backoffice subscription is available, allowing you to optimize your company's parcel reception management.

Conversely, BoksONE is an offer aimed at individual homes. The volume offered, although large, is less suitable for businesses.

Your Boks can be delivered in 3 different colors : white (RAL 9010), light gray (RAL 7035) or anthracite gray (RAL 7016).
Visuals are available on the website in the section describing our products.

No. You can install a Boks by yourself. Only four screws and plugs provided are necessary to secure the Boks to the wall or floor. You will only need a drill. Refer to the instructions for assembly.