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The secure locker for receiving parcels in buildings
  • Sécurisée
  • Tout type d'immeuble
  • Up to 30 homes per boksHUB
  • Autonomous system (long-lasting battery)
  • Regular updates
  • Turnkey rental
  • Intelligent, secure and without work
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The secure parcel room in your building lobby

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, boksHUB is the ideal system for receiving all packages from residents of a building.

  • Compatible with all delivery people

  • Secure

  • Compact and work-free

  • Turnkey rental

Automated Concierge for Every Delivery

Revolutionize your home's parcel management with BoksHUB, the all-encompassing solution that securely receives all building deliveries, empowering residents with 24/7 independent access to their packages at their convenience.

Guaranteed parcel safety

Transform your parcel delivery experience with BoksHUB, the impenetrable solution to mailbox theft and hallway package losses, ensuring your deliveries are securely safeguarded until you're ready to collect them.

Effortless Co-Ownership Solution

Experience the convenience of BoksHUB, a self-sufficient system requiring no electrical or internet connection (2-year battery life), and designed for both indoor and outdoor use  (waterproof and UV-resistant)

How to drop off or pick up a package?

The patented Boks system allows simple opening modes
adapted to each operation and each user:

Your Boks is insured by AXA

Your BoksHUB parcel box is covered against any act of destruction, vandalism or theft.

For a more ecological and virtuous delivery

Equipping a building with the Boks service also means helping to make last mile logistics more efficient and less polluting, by eliminating the multiple trips linked to delivery failures, and by streamlining urban traffic thanks to faster and easier deliveries. .

  • -30% traffic

    linked to delivery

  • -70% traffic jams


  • Deliveries at staggered times

    (off-peak hours / night)