The major challenges of home delivery

Les enjeux majeurs de la livraison à domicile

Today, e-commerce is experiencing an incredible boom. In France, no less than 4 million packages were processed daily in December 2020 and a new record will most likely be reached during the year 2021. This impressive flow requires meticulous organization throughout the entire logistics chain. share of each delivery actor. From parcel pick-up to distribution, parcels pass from hand to hand at dizzying speed until they land at the recipient's door.

This well-oiled gear now allows the largest e-retailers to announce deliveries within three working days, at home and without traveling. A promise that makes you dream but which regularly turns into a nightmare for the customer. Recovering your package can sometimes turn into a treasure hunt that you would have preferred to avoid.

This situation, unfortunately known to everyone, raises real problems:

  • Economic & Ecological
  • Behavioral
  • Temporal
  • Sanitary

Multiply the economic and ecological impact of delivery by three

The multiple visits of your delivery person to try to find you at home (up to 3 visits for La Poste) increases the cost of your delivery. This cost is, first of all, financial since the delivery person spends three times as much time delivering to you by traveling three times to your home. It is also ecological since following the same scheme, your delivery contributed three times to car congestion around your home and to surrounding pollution. This sad observation is unfortunately replicable when it is up to the customer to make the trip(s) to La Poste or to a relay point following a delivery notice in their mailbox.

Go to the relay point, without going through the house box

Receiving packages has for some time become a real waste of time for the recipient. In fact, the latter must regularly queue at the Post Office, or wait for the relay point to open to hope to hold their precious parcel in their hands. The vicious circle is triggered when the opening hours of your Post Office or relay point are in perfect correlation with your working hours and require you to dedicate part of your Saturday morning to collecting your packages. Waste of time and guaranteed annoyance!

Rate your customer satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 0

The dream of delivery in 3 working days is quickly forgotten when Lily's gift does not arrive in time for the birthday party planned for Friday evening. Instead, you received a notice that you hesitate to pack. Your only option to transform it is to go to La Poste open between: 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. or between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., depending on your working hours. The promise of a smooth and convenient shopping experience is violated in the last few meters between you and your order.

Forget barrier gestures and contactless

While the current health context requires us to limit contact, it is difficult to understand having to come together to collect a delivery. However, a failure of home delivery inevitably leads to a trip to a crowded place. An unfriendly experience which today seems meaningless.

Faced with these problems, Boks is THE ideal solution. In fact, purchasing a parcel box at home allows all delivery people to drop off your parcel on their first visit, 24/7 even in your absence. This last link in urban logistics is what is missing today so that the flow of packages on French territory is fluid, efficient, and more eco-responsible.

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