A market Gardener reinvents the distribution of fruit and vegetable baskets with Click&Collect service and connected parcel boxes Boks

Un Maraîcher Révolutionne la Distribution de Paniers de Légumes et Fruits avec le Service de Click&Collect et les Boîtes à Colis Connectées Boks


In a context where consumers are increasingly concerned about the origin and quality of their food, an innovative market gardener sought to offer his customers a practical and secure solution for purchasing his fresh products. Faced with the logistical challenges of direct distribution, the market gardener saw in Click&Collect an opportunity to meet the expectations of its customers while optimizing its sales processes.

Solution : Installation of Connected Parcel Boxes Boks for a Click&Collect Service

To implement this strategy, the market gardener installed around 10 Boks at his point of sale. These boxes, accessible to customers who place an order online, allow them to collect their baskets of prepared vegetables and fruits at any time, without direct interaction, providing a guarantee of freshness and quality.

Key benefits

  • Flexible Click&Collect Service: Customers can place orders online and collect their fresh baskets at their convenience, providing unprecedented flexibility and reducing the wait when collecting products.

  • 24/7 Availability: Connected Parcel Boxes Boks allow order to be collected 24/7, which is particularly beneficial for customers with busy schedules.

  • Optimization of Sales Management: The system allows the market gardener to prepare orders during off-peak hours, thus optimizing their organization and management of their stock, while reducing food waste.


Thanks to the introduction of the Click&Collect service supported by Connected Parcel Boxes Boks, the market gardener has not only improved its customers purchasing experience but also optimized its sales and distribution processes. This innovative approach has made it possible to expand its customer base, increase customer satisfaction thanks to greater flexibility and accessibility of its fresh products, and strengthen its commitment to sustainable and responsible agriculture. This use case demonstrates the effectiveness of technological solutions such as Boks in the agri-food sector, offering a distribution method that is modern, practical, and respectful of environmental issues.