Why and how to update your Boks?

Pourquoi et comment mettre à jour sa Boks ?

Updating your Boks, what does that mean?

Update your iPhone, okay, update the SNCF application otherwise you won't be able to book your trip, very good, update your parcel box Boks , what a funny idea… Well, think again! Because just like many connected objects, software and applications, the Boks and the application that drives it need to be updated in order to be improved, adapted and corrected.

The first type of updates concerns our mobile application ( IOS And Android ) and is about improving the user experience. They allow :

  • To benefit from new features designed by our team. In this sense, the December update allowed our users to have access to a new feature: in-app package tracking (learn more about package tracking here )
  • To improve the appearance and composition of the application interface, in order to make it more intuitive, more ergonomic and easier to use. In this regard, our team is currently working on a new design of the application which will be available within a few weeks! Stay-tuned 🙂

The second type of updates concerns the Boks itself. Called “DFU” (Device Firmware Update), these consist of downloading the most recent version of the software for the electronic card of the locker, in order to benefit from the latest modifications and corrections. Here again, two types of DFU must be distinguished:

  • the normal update: the Boks can continue to function correctly until the update is carried out.
  • the mandatory update: the update allows the Boks to function correctly following major changes in the application or a critical problem with the instructions.

    Okay, but what's the point?

    Updates to the Boks consist of making it more functional, more practical and more efficient. They allow, among other things:

    • To optimize the operation of our system: one of the first updates allowed us to implement an alert system to warn users of the need to change the battery of their Boks (when the battery level becomes too high). low to allow the Boks to function properly).
    • To correct potential system malfunctions. For example, an update allowed us to improve, remotely, the opening of the door in anticipation of future cold waves: the lock should then open more intensely.

    It is in order to best adapt our solution to the needs of our users that we have chosen to opt for scalable and adaptable technology, on which our team of engineers work daily.

    How to update your Boks?

    Nothing's easier. Bring your smartphone closer to the Boks while it transfers the new data from the Boks firmware update via Bluetooth. The operation generally takes less than a minute and the changes are effective instantly. This is actually the same technology used to update many connected objects that are not directly connected to the internet, such as Beats Studio Bluetooth headphones or the latest Somfy connected lock.