Boks PRO
From €990 (3 sizes)

Automatic receipt and dispatch of professional goods.

  • Receiving and shipping all formats of goods
  • Installation without electrical/internet connection
  • Securing goods awaiting collection

Compatible with all carriers, messengers and couriers

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Receive all your professional packages and goods

Thanks to the 3 BoksPRO formats, you can receive all imaginable package formats and deliveries: from express parcels to courier pallets, there is a BoksPRO that meets your logistics needs.

Schedule your shipments and returns

Schedule package pickups directly from your mobile app. Place your shipments in your Boks and let your carrier collect your shipments automatically.

Automate your Click&Collect activities

Do you want to make orders available to your customers automatically? All BoksPRO models are configurable for Click'n Collect operation. Your customer is notified by SMS when you upload an order to them and can pick it up 24/7, without human intervention.

A range adapted to all the logistical needs of professionals.


The parcel box for everyday professional receipts and shipments

With 215 L of useful volume, the BoksPRO size M is ideal for receiving everyday express parcels. Whether it is to receive deliveries during an intervention, not to be disturbed, or to relieve the need for couriers coming and going, craftsmen, liberal professions and SMEs are the main users.

Discover the BoksPRO M


The automated system for bulky professional deliveries

With nearly 800 L of useful volume, the BoksPRO size L is made to receive and ship bulky packages or bulk goods. It can also be used to store maintenance equipment on site, or as buffer stock with controllable access management. It is the reference choice for industrial professions.

Discover the BoksPRO L


The automatic container for receiving and sending pallets and oversized goods

With its access ramp and nearly 3m3 of useful volume, the BoksPRO XL is designed to accommodate a European pallet up to 1t and 1.6m in height. It is dedicated to receiving and securing high-value palletized or oversized goods. Like the rest of the range, it does not require any electrical or internet connection, and can be easily moved using a pallet truck or forklift.

Discover the BoksPRO XL

How to drop off or pick up a package?

The patented Boks system allows different opening modes adapted to the proposed uses

Simple and universal operation

The Boks mobile application allows you to generate access codes for your delivery people. Once your packages have been dropped off, open via Bluetooth to retrieve them. Do you want to generate your codes centrally from a computer? No problem: use the Boks back office dedicated to professionals!