€329, is it too expensive for a parcel box?

329€, est-ce trop cher pour une boîte à colis ?

The selling price of the boksONE is displayed at €300 on our website . A substantial sum that regularly makes you react, which we understand. So, to help you better understand our pricing positioning, we are sharing our production recipe with you.

Start by mixing quality materials

Each Boks is designed with high quality components: a 15/10 mm treated steel sheet, a waterproof keyboard, an independent Bluetooth Low Energy electronic card, as well as a 3000N/300kg anti-tearing electromechanical safety lock. Paint, like screen printing, is UV resistant and treated against corrosion. This choice of materials allows us to guarantee you a quality product that can be installed indoors as well as outdoors for many years.

Incorporate a large dose of French production

We have chosen to assemble our product in the heart of Gascony, in the Gers, in order to offer you a Made In France product for which we can control the entire production. It is therefore in a French factory that each electronic card is produced and programmed, and in a French factory also that each of our Boks are assembled.

Through this approach, we wish to participate, to our extent, in the development of our national economy, by activating the relocation of industrial know-how, but also to reduce as much as possible the ecological impact of our production.

Add a touch of technology

Our Boks are not simple tin boxes. In fact, proprietary and patented technology is embedded in each of our products. The latter is the key to securing your packages but also to the ease of use of Boks (for delivery people and users). The features available in the mobile application (Bluetooth opening of your Boks , generation of opening codes, even remotely, tracking your packages and planning a package return from your Boks) are all part of our product. By choosing Boks, you are not only buying a physical object: you are also acquiring a range of additional services that will simplify your daily life.

Good to know: thanks to our technology, your Boks is scalable. By updating your Boks You thus benefit from the latest features that we develop, throughout the life of your Boks.

Finally sprinkle with members of the Boks team

Behind the design of the Boks, there are dozens of people who work every day to improve the solution and adapt it as best as possible to your needs! From developers, to marketers and our customer service, each member of the team listens to your feedback to help Boks evolve and support you when needed.

Good to know: our customer service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is responsive to any of your requests — do not hesitate to contact us!

300€ for a quality parcel box, Made In France, intelligent, connected and created by a great team, it's well worth it, right?! 😊