Revolutionise home parcel delivery with Boks connected parcel boxes

Révolutionner la réception de colis à domicile pour les particuliers avec les boîtes à colis connectées Boks


In a world where online shopping has become the norm, consumers are faced with the constant challenge of receiving their parcels safely, especially in their absence. The problem of parcels being delivered to neighbours, left in unsecured places or, worse stolen, is a regular occurrence. Faced with these challenges, it has become essential to find a solution that offers flexibility, security and peace of mind to consumers.

Solution: Installation of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes in private homes

To address this issue, the adoption of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes in private homes has emerged as an innovative solution. These stand-alone boxes, installed outside the home, enable parcels to be received securely without the need for the recipient to be present.

Key benefits

  • 24/7 Secure Receipt: Boks Connected Parcel Boxes ensure that parcels are received securely at all times, whether the recipient is at home or not, eliminating the risk of theft or damage.
  • Tracking and Real-Time Notification: Each delivery is accompanied by real-time notification to the owner, offering complete traceability of the delivery process and immediate confirmation of receipt.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Individuals can receive online purchases, product returns, or even deliveries of perishable goods without adjusting their schedule around delivery times.
  • Adaptable and aesthetic design: Boks boxes are designed to blend harmoniously into the exterior of homes, combining functionality and aesthetics to suit different styles of home.


The introduction of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes to the home has transformed the experience of receiving parcels at home. Not only has this solution improved the security and convenience of deliveries, it has also offered a concrete response to the modern worries associated with online shopping. By providing a method of receiving parcels that respects the autonomy of recipients and ensures the security of the items delivered, Boks have set a new standard in home parcel management. This use case illustrates the effectiveness of technological solutions in improving delivery services for consumers, responding to society's evolving needs.