4 simple steps to receive your packages in your Boks


Generate a keypad opening code for the delivery person

For each of your online purchases, use your Boks mobile application to generate a note containing the delivery person opening code as well as the registration of your Boks. (e.g. BoksX123 Code4584D5)

Several types of codes* are available to you:

  • Single-use code for your traditional deliveries
  • Permanent code for your trusted delivery person (or postman)

*One-time code generation is unlimited.

To shop online with complete freedom, you can generate an opening code remotely, without being physically close to your Boks.


Enter the code in your delivery address

Include the mention generated by your application in your delivery information at the time of your online purchase. Use the fields: Address or Additional information or Delivery instructions ...

This must be visible to the delivery person on the package label (or on their portable terminal).

Do not hesitate to double the information (eg: in the Address AND Delivery Instructions fields). The correct transmission of this notice including the opening code is the key to successful delivery to your Boks!


Your delivery person leaves your package in your Boks

Nothing could be simpler for him: all he has to do is enter the opening code that he will find on the package label on the Boks digicode.

Several types of codes* are available to you:

Your delivery person can't find the code? No problem, he can call you so that you transmit it to him orally (your issued codes are visible in your Boks application). You can also generate a new one directly over the phone!


Collect your package whenever you want

Open your Boks via Bluetooth from the mobile application.

For added security, all opening activities (deposit and withdrawal) are recorded in the Boks app.

Do you live in a single-family home ? Manage Bluetooth access permissions to your boksONE directly from your mobile application and allow members of your family to also benefit from the service.