General operation

  1. Generate a code for a solo user in the Boks app
  2. Transmit the code to the distributor by entering management data or business information (already guided by the Boks app in this process)
  3. You will receive a package from your Boks when you receive the notification that the transport has been lost, delivered via Bluetooth through your Boks app.

In the application, click on the button "How to send this code" located on the lower part of the code generation page, which will tell you how to proceed.

In case of necessity, follow this: copy the code generated by the application (for example, boksA253code998A5B) into the business direction form of the electronic business site when you make the purchase. This information must appear on the label attached to the package when the distributor has received it. The best way to do this is to copy the reference (for example, boksA253code998A5B) to the 1st or 2nd line of your direction (for example, Additional Information, Edificio, Piso, Escalera, Digicode, etc.). The object is to read the code of the most sensitive format possible, so that it is distributed on the package label.

If you mention the apertura code in the direction of delivery, you can generate a code directly from the phone with the distributor (when you enter the package).

No. You Boks are energy self-sufficient (thanks to a replaceable battery that lasts between 2 and 3 years). Solo connects to the Internet through the user's smartphone, which it uses to communicate when the user uses the Bluetooth connection.

The Boks service operates on all electronic business sites and across all transport operators, wherever they are, so you must enter the code correctly when using it in the direction form.

At this time, Boks suministra BoksONE and BoksHUB has all the French countries of Europe. If you have any prerequisite for the availability of the service in other countries (on the European continent), you can contact us by telephone (01 87 65 05 88), through our contact form or by electronic mail to info@boks .app so that we can devolve the llamada.


Installation / dimensions / maintenance

The technical details of the products are available on the page of each product.

  • BoksONE: H70 x A40 x D35 (cm)
  • BoksHUB: H100 x A50 x D43 (cm)
  • BoksPro: H100 x A50 x D43 (cm)
  • BoksMax: H120 x A80 x D80 (cm)

The entrega plazos have different indicators and may vary depending on the production schedules:

  1. BoksONE: aprox. 1 week (stores may be longer if the products are personalized)
  2. BoksPro: approx. 3 weeks
  3. BoksHUB: aprox. 3 weeks for acceptance of the project's resolution in the order of its general day
  4. BoksC&C: entrega plazos a petition.

Our teams will diagnose the operation of your Boks remotely and will alert you if there is a problem (they will offer you a replacement product in case you are dealing with a BoksONE during the 2 year warranty period). We can also communicate with anyone who knows that we have passed by telephone (01 87 65 05 87) or by electronic mail (, so that we can arrange a service visit when necessary.

After 2 to 3 years of use, the Boks battery should be replaced. In the case of a BoksHUB, it is available as part of the service contract. In the case of a BoksONE or a BoksPRO, you can purchase it through a brand new store by sending an electronic link to

Our customer attention team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by telephone and electronic correo, to respond to your requests and help you resolve your problems:

  • Phone: 01 87 65 05 87
  • Electronic correspondence:


  • Mechanical safety

    You Boks are vandal-proof: it has a motorized rotating strap that supports 300 kg of tension, it is manufactured with a high-caliber reinforced cap, between 1.0 and 2.0 mm in size, much more resistant than a buzón (not so much as a safe box, but it is an industrial security cabinet).
  • Electronic security

    The codes for accessing your Boks are a single user (valid for a single aperture) and are generated by an asymmetric cipher algorithm. Allow access to your Boks only to the residents of your residence and to the transportistas who have entered one.
  • Security of the application and community

    Each operation of aperture, check, enter or receive a package will be stored and registered. The complete activity of a Boks is permanently available and can be consulted by our co-users in the app (in History in the menu). The Boks application also uses a collaborative system to calculate the number of packages in your Boks. This guarantees that no other package will be worn during the trip. You are also able to guarantee that a package has been received by the user without any other package being damaged. If any unexpected activity is detected, the system will alert your users.

Every Boks light operation is associated with a single user code generated by the Boks user:

  • For the distributor, it has a keyboard code generated by the Boks user through the Boks app (transmitted by the customer to the distributor through the business formula of the electronic business site).
  • For Boks user, it has a code transmitted automatically via Bluetooth to the Boks when the user is intended to receive the packet. All Boks view/cierre activities are tracked and registered in the system, and can be consulted in the app.

    Note: if you select multiple entries in your app (on various platforms, as may be on the Amazon website, for example), the code generated for the distributor is of triple use: it will be valid for 3 times for the distributor You can take delivery of the packages you received.

Use of Boks

If so, use our Boxes to ensure that all of your packages are serviced, including the transport company (La Poste, Chronopost, DHL, TNT, etc.) or the electronic mail that you trust in your package (Amazon, Veepee, CDiscount, small sites). local, etc.). The code for a single user that generally is the key to maintaining your package: there are no restrictions on transport or vending!

How to activate a Boks aperture code on your computer? It's very easy with the Boks extension for Google Chrome.

  1. Download what
  2. Once you have installed it, start the session with your device (we have access data for the mobile application).
  3. Continuation, click on "activate a code" to start generating the Boks apertura code.

    Please note: Copy/pega the Boks reference which contains the code of opening data of your delivery so that the distributor can be stored in your Boks.

For supuesto. Function of the following directions

  1. Generate a new business code through your Boks app
  2. Send this code to the person who has instructions to receive the packages
  3. Please inform you when you receive the packages

    Important: complete the operation in your app by clicking on it You have received/stored my package| that appears below your operation pending on the main page of your app.

You can access all of your historical records and deposits in the "Historial" section of your Boks application.

The code for opening a solo we are using is valid as soon as it is keyed into the Boks keyboard. This means that you will be able to store the package if it has been indicated by error that it has been stored.


Specific information from boksONE for your life

For supuesto. Your BoksONE has a ranura for the correo so that it can receive its correspondence without necessity for the card to obtain a code or open the door of the button. So BoksONE can be used to replace its current button or to complement it.

Su Boks is available in 1 different color: anthracite gray (RAL 7016).
View images on the website, in the description section of our new products.

We decide not to equip you with a cylinder compatible with the PTT card of La Poste: this last one is already copied and weakens the security of the system, while the security of the deposits and withdrawals of packages is impossible. In your location, your Boks is equipped with an electromechanical strap with high security of rotating bomb that can be stored with a single code used by anyone who distributes it sufficiently to pass.

Your Boks, on the other hand, is equipped with a high security electromechanical strap that can be stored with a single code used by anyone you trust.

In the unlikely event that the strap becomes damaged, we have an emergency key. However, the emerging cylinder is not designed for regular use (if BoksONE is able to connect to Bluetooth through its application, it is not possible to carry out a sequence of apertura and other activity).

The Boks can be raised from the base (on a flat surface, like a low wall) or on a wall, door or verja. You will need 4 tacos and tornillos de fijación suministrados and a taladro.

Attention : Your Boks must not be installed on the public road (for example, overlooking a corner), otherwise in a private space (for example, removing a porch, on a tree, on a private access road, etc.). This is the only limitation on installation.

No. Can install a Boks usted mismo. All you need are four tornillos and tacos suministrados to make the Boks a la pared or al suelo. Only requires a taladro. See assembly instructions.

There are 2 types of Boks aperture codes available:

  • Código de un solo uso (entregas unicas)
  • Permanent code (for third party trust)

If you live in a house and have a BoksONE, please contact us to see if you can be compensated.


Specific information about boksHUB in a building

You need to request a BoksHUB to build a simple and intuitive formula online.

  • If you are the owner, only you wish to request, together with a presupuesto if it is necessary, the administrator of your property or the advisor of your office, which will be responsible for carrying out the necessary management with our customers (the installation may be subject to a vote in a general meeting of co-owners).
  • If you are concerned, you will have to remit the installation request to your permanent owner (if you are a private individual) or to the property manager (if you are an institution), which can carry out the necessary management to install the service in your building.

    The Boks teams are ready to start this process. Send us your data through our contact form or so that you can contact us.
  1. Download the Boks application (busca "Boks Logistics" in App Store or Google Play).
  2. Create your cue using your electronic corrección and a contraseña of your election
  3. A continuation (on the following screen) registers one of the Boks of your building.

    There are 2 possible options:

You have received an email from Boks with a secret activation code. You are associated with a Boks and list to use: you can see your registration number in the "Mis Boks" section of the application menu (the same registration number appears on the front side of the Boks).

You have not received an electronic correo with a secret activation code. Enter the registration number on one of the Boks of your building (this number can be placed on a black plate located below the alphanumeric keyboard of the Boks). As you continue, you will automatically receive a request for authorization to access your administrator or residence manager, if you grant this authorization, you will receive an electronic mail from Boks informing you of your access to the service and the registration number of your Boks (you can contact this (register number in the "Mi Boks" section of the application menu).

When you register in the mobile application, you will have to enter the number of the Boks in your building. If you enter an incorrect number, you can contact your Customer Service (on our website or directly from the mobile application) to carry out a manual change when you request to associate with the Banks.

Each BoksHUB installed it incorporated a base. Thanks to its automatic weighing function, the connected balances can be used to control any package received or deposited in the boxes.

With the complete history available in the back office, it will be easy to save the view, the box and the package files.

To maintain more than one box with your packets, see the Cat section of your application, for example, to take it to a doctor, which can be retrieved from your packets which are still there, and they have their disposal at your home when you view them.

For supuesto. Recuerda utilizar la chat de la aplicación móvil de los Boks para notificárselo y acusar recibo de tu packete una vez recogido (this maintains the history of activity and, therefore, refusing the security of the system).

If a co-user has happened to receive a packet(s) in number, information (via telephone, SMS, electronic mail or through the Chat section of your app) you will see that the packet has been received, and then take the receipt of your package through your app by clicking on the link |Ya he received/already my package|; of this form, the operation will be delayed.

Si vives en un bloc de pisos, ponte en contacto con el conserje, la empresa gestora o el consejo de tu sindicato para communicárselo. We will respond to you as soon as possible. If you have damaged your packages, submit a complaint to your electronic seller and/or your transport operator, as you may be contacted in the case of a traditional home business that cannot be transported; Normally, the carrier must compensate or return the merchandise.


Specific information from boksPRO for professionals

With BoksPRO, you can receive your packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, inclusive when not available. Between labor and city compromises, it is easy to accept packages. Additionally, the BoksPRO label allows you to receive 100% of your packages. Finally, with the subscription to BoksPRO you will have full access to the back office. You can retrieve all of BoksPRO's history (of your employees, distributors, etc.).

The boksPRO is larger than the boksONE, so it can be used to receive packages from both your personal and carriers. The volume of the boksPRO allows you to receive many packets at any time. In addition, from 4 users, there is a back office subscription that allows you to optimize the management of your company's packet reception.

BoksONE, in cambio, is designed for single-family homes. The volume offered, although large, is small enough for businesses.

Sus Boks can be purchased in 1 color: anthracite gray (RAL 7016).

View images on the website, in the description section of our new products.

No. Can install a Boks usted mismo. All you need are four tornillos and tacos suministrados to make the Boks a la pared or al suelo. Only requires a taladro. See assembly instructions.