A large medical analysis laboratory optimizes the logistics of Its samples thanks to Boks

Un Grand Laboratoire d'Analyse Médicale Optimise la Logistique de Ses Prélèvements grâce aux Boîtes à Colis Connectées Boks


In the highly sensitive and regulated medical analysis sector, speed and security in the transport and management of samples are crucial. A large medical analysis laboratory, with multiple sample collection points spread across the territory, was faced with the challenge of guaranteeing flawless logistics for the transport of these samples to its analysis centers. The need to optimize the passage of carriers, while ensuring the integrity and traceability of samples, was essential to maintain the quality and reliability of the analyses.

Solution : Installation of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes at Collection Points

To meet this challenge, the laboratory decided to install Boks Connected Parcel Boxes at all its collection points. These secure, smart boxes enable 24/7 drop-off and collection of medical samples by authorized carriers, without requiring direct interaction with laboratory staff.

Key benefits

  • 24/7 availability: The possibility of depositing and collecting samples at any time optimizes carrier routes, thus reducing sample processing and analysis times.

  • Traceability and Security of Samples: Each interaction with a Boks box is recorded, ensuring complete traceability of samples from the collection point to the analysis laboratory. This ensures sample integrity and compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

  • Logistics Optimization: Parcel boxes Boks reduce the need for direct coordination between collection points and carriers, enabling more efficient logistics management and a reduction in associated costs.

  • Minimization of Contamination Risks: By limiting human handling and using secure and hygienic compartments, Boks Boxes help to minimize the risks of cross-contamination of samples.


The installation of Connected Parcel Boxes Boks at collection points has transformed the logistics of sample management for the medical analysis laboratory. This innovation not only improved the efficiency and safety of sample transport but also contributed to better resource management, allowing the laboratory to increase its analysis capacity and reduce result delivery times. This use case illustrates the positive impact of Boks technology in the healthcare sector, offering a solution that meets the strict requirements of security, traceability and operational efficiency.

Customer's conf :

  • 50 Boks Size S on each site carrying out samples (mainly doctor's offices)
  • When a sample needs to be collected, the sampler charges the Boks via their Boks application. The carrier is notified in real time of each Boks containing samples to be collected and can optimize its routes. Each delivery person is equipped with the Boks mobile application to unload Boks.