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Boks community offer

We offer you a BoksLINK WiFi bridge

Share a video of your installed BoksONE, we'll give you a BoksLINK to thank you!

A video of your Boks = a free boksLINK*

Your video will help introduce the concept to future members of the Boks community.

* BoksLINK offered subject to validation of your video by the Boks team and your acceptance to share your videos

  • You film your Boks and your testimony

    Reveal the director hiding in you :)

  • We edit and share the video

    Our team takes care of editing your videos and blurring your personal information.

  • You receive your BoksLink at home!

    We send you a BoksLink to remotely open your Boks and receive your notifications in real time.

With the BoksLINK WiFi bridge you can connect your BoksONE to your home for, among other things:

  • Receive your Boks notifications in real time and open your Boks remotely

Film yourself and your BoksONE

01. Your Boks installed

Film your Boks installed in front of your house for several seconds, you can vary the shots (wide shot, tight shot). Use your phone in landscape mode. Your Boks number and personal information will be blurred.

02. Your testimony

Film yourself in front of your Boks and answer the following question:

Why do you love your Boks?
(You can talk about how it has improved your daily life, which makes it practical or reassuring…)

Send us your 2 videos!