Why doesn't Boks use the La Poste universal “PTT” pass?

Pourquoi Boks n’utilise pas le pass universel “PTT” de La Poste ?

Our future users often ask us the question: can my Boks parcel box be opened by the universal postman key (commonly called “PTT Pass”)?

The answer is no. It has two simple reasons:

1. The PTT Pass poses serious security problems :

As shown in the title photo of this article, PTT Passes are available for free sale at a very low price on the internet, and allow you to open (in their 21 variations on French territory) all mailboxes, lobbies, etc. buildings, and other systems approved by La Poste. Criminals know this weakness well, and real gangs spend their time scouring mailboxes looking for packages and valuables, with complete impunity. Boks, which promotes a reliable and secure parcel reception solution, cannot therefore integrate a PTT barrel which would make the system vulnerable, in addition to destroying all traceability.

2. Boks already fulfills all the functions of the PTT Pass thanks to its system of codes for delivery people (single use or permanent validity):

Without needing a key, the delivery person has a single-use keyboard code which allows him to open your Boks. You are the one who activates this code with each purchase from your Boks app , and send it to the delivery person in your address. You can also communicate it directly to him on the phone if he calls you once you are near your home. Finally, if you trust one of your delivery people (e.g. your postman) enough, you can give them a permanently valid code which will allow them to open your Boks without you having to generate a new code each time. .

3. Theft of packages from mailboxes, case examples

In Montpellier, a couple aged around twenty had managed (quite easily in the end) to equip themselves with PTT passes. For days, they went from mailbox to mailbox to steal packages during the Christmas period.

Want to know more about this story you can read the right article here .

Same pattern in Poitiers, where a 29-year-old man had kept a universal PTT pass after working as a deliveryman. The latter, for several months, stole numerous mailboxes, and covered his ex-girlfriend with the gifts he found. The link to the article here .

Boks therefore offers all the advantages of the PTT Pass (universality, ease), without its disadvantages (lack of security and traceability), all on an intelligent system, and dimensions adapted to (almost) all your packages. Still without connection work, and at an affordable price!