Did you know ? Your neighbor can drop off a parcel in your Boks parcel box!

Le saviez-vous ? Votre voisin peut déposer un colis dans votre boîte à colis Boks !

Our Boks can be used by 100% of carriers and delivery people to deliver a package to your home. Indeed, our system makes no distinction as to the company which delivers your deliveries, whether the latter is La Poste, DPD, DHL, GLS or even Colissimo. You will have understood, thanks to Boks, you can have peace of mind about receiving your packages at home!

But are your packages always delivered by a specialized transport company?

At Boks, we figured it wasn't, which is why we created a universal system that allows everyone, even your neighbor, to place items in your parcel box in complete safety.

Let's take a concrete example:

Your neighbor wants to return the drill that you lent him 2 weeks ago. However, since the famous loan, it's impossible to meet you! He works nights and you work days, you left last weekend and he left the following weekend. You would like to get your drill back to fix the living room mirror that you have just purchased but you still cannot ask your neighbor to send the drill by post even though you live a few unfortunate meters from one of them. the other.

With your parcel box BoksONE , this is no longer a problem! In fact, your neighbor can drop the drill into your Boks at any time and you can pick it up when it suits you.

So how can I allow my neighbor to use my Boks parcel box?

Two options are available to you :

1. By giving him the status of simple user

Your neighbor installs the Boks mobile application and creates an account.

  • It is identified by typing the identification code of your Boks (located under the keyboard)
  • In the “User management” tab, give it the status of simple user.

This status allows him to

  • Being able to open your Boks via Bluetooth.
  • Generate one-time use codes.

But don't allow him  

  • To have access to your codes for permanent use.
  • To invite other users.
  • To see the packages of other Boks users, or to collect them.
  • To open the parcel box remotely (provided you have a boksLINK).
  • To configure the boksLINK.

2. By following the procedure you use for a classic delivery.

Thanks to the mobile application ( Android & IOS ) connected to your Boks, you can generate a single-use opening code and send it to your neighbor.

The latter just has to type it on the Boks keyboard to open it. He can then place the precious drill inside and close the door of your Boks. As usual, you can collect the item whenever you want, by opening your parcel box with your smartphone and its Bluetooth connection.

Don’t forget to validate the words “I have already collected/dropped off my package”. This will prevent you from having a package waiting in your Boks application.

Concerning me, can I deliver my neighbor using my Boks?

Of course ! In the same way as the previous one, you can place parcels in your Boks (using your Bluetooth connection) then generate a Boks opening code which you transmit to the person for whom the parcel is intended. The latter can then open your parcel box using the code, retrieve their package and close the door.

Do not hesitate once again to validate the mention “I have already collected/dropped off my package”.

Finally, for your trusted neighbors you can give them an opening code for permanent use. This will allow them to drop off packages at any time and regularly.