The boksONE, parcel box for the home designed by Boks, is now available on Amazon France

La boksONE, boite à colis pour la maison conçue par Boks, est maintenant disponible sur Amazon France

At Boks, we do everything we can every day to make your purchases easier. Do you have an Amazon account and swear by this e‑commerce giant? Boks once again meets your expectations! You can now buy your boksONE on the Amazon France marketplace . Your fast deliveries are assured, even for your connected parcel box.

Allow the purchase of the Boks parcel box on Amazon in one click

At Boks, we place parcel delivery at the heart of our days. From understanding the issues related to delivery to today's e-commerce uses, we have made improving your purchasing experience our leitmotif. Making your life simpler now starts with the purchase of your parcel box. In fact, you can now order your boksONE on Amazon in just one click using the “Buy this item” swipe.

Being as close as possible to our customers

We know, our customers order online and have it delivered to their home (even in their absence thanks to Boks)! It is therefore only natural for us to come and meet them where they are… on the largest marketplace today: the giant Amazon. We are convinced that it is by offering our solution to e‑commerce consumers that we will be able to get our solution adopted by as many people as possible in France (and soon internationally).

Affix Amazon validation to our boksONE product

Being listed on Amazon is a real certification. This key player in e‑commerce acts as a trusted third party. It validates in the eyes of consumers that our company applies all legislative standards for product sales in Europe and around the world. A product validated by Amazon reassures and we understand you!

Boks customer service above all

Pro Amazon or not, we guarantee you personalized customer service that is completely identical. For Boks, this service is essential; it allows us to constantly improve and share this experience with you…

Don't wait any longer and come and discover our product on this new sales platform!