Boks Tips: How to ensure 100% successful deliveries to your Boks parcel box

Conseils Boks : Comment assurer 100% de livraisons réussies dans sa boîte à colis Boks

You are equipped with a smart parcel box Boks ? GREAT ! Your packages finally arrive at your home even when you are not there!

A successful delivery to a Boks is primarily due to the fact that the delivery person must not lack information: 1. that you have a Boks 2. that a code allows you to open it to deposit your package.
To ensure that each of your home deliveries are received in your Boks, we offer you some recommendations on how to best use the delivery form on your e-commerce site. This form allows you to transmit the note summarizing all the information necessary for the smooth running of the delivery, and to guide the delivery person!

Use one of the main fields of the address form: Name, Address (line 1, line 2) or Additional information

The Boks mention containing the registration number of your parcel box as well as the opening code is the 3rd most important information on the form (after your name and postal address)! Copy this statement into a field with enough space to fit it into a single line.
As a reminder: use the Boks mobile application to generate a Boks mention for each of your online orders.

Place the mention at the beginning of the line

It is important that the Boks notice is readable in its entirety by the delivery person. Placing them at the beginning of the line is a good practice because it minimizes the chances of them being cut off when printing on the label.
(However, for the Name and Address fields on line 1, the Boks mention has less priority than the information that you must naturally fill in. The mention is therefore placed after your name and/or your address)

Write an additional sentence to give your instructions to the delivery person when possible

In addition to the Boks mention, you can reinforce the information explaining the importance of depositing the package in the Boks. For example, you could write: "deposit parcel in the Boks on the left under the entrance porch using the code [XXXXX]" or "Drop parcel in parcel box, code [XXXXX]".

Indicate your telephone number so that the delivery person can contact you during delivery

Allow your delivery person to call you during delivery so that you can guide them when depositing your package in your Boks. In the delivery instructions, it is possible to request to be called in case of doubt or impossibility to drop off the package.

Double the Boks mention containing the opening code when you can

The more the Boks mention appears on the label or the delivery person's digital terminal, the more they are encouraged to use it. In addition, by doubling the Boks mention in the fields of the delivery form, you ensure that if one of them is cut off or illegible, a copy of the mention is always available for the delivery person.

By following these tips, your packages will systematically arrive in your Boks. What a relief !