A small condominium installs a Boks connected parcel box in its common areas

Une petite copropriété installe une boîte à colis connectée Boks dans ses parties communes


Faced with an increase in parcel deliveries and the resulting security problems, a small co-ownership decided to install a Boks Connected Parcel Box in its communal space. The initiative, born of a shared desire to improve parcel processing and increase security, was approved by the co-owners unanimously.

Solution : A Boks Connected Parcel Box for the Entire Condominium

The Boks box allows residents to collect their packages at any time, thanks to a secure system of shared access codes managed via a mobile application.

Key benefits

  • Increased Security and Convenience : The parcel box eliminates the risk of theft or damage to packages, offering a practical and secure solution accessible 24/7.
  • Community Building : Shared management of the Boks box encourages positive interactions between neighbors and reinforces the feeling of belonging to the community.
  • Reduction of Conflicts: The installation of the parcel box reduces the inconvenience linked to receiving parcels for neighbors, contributing to a more harmonious atmosphere within the co-ownership.
  • Real Estate Valuation: Adding such a modern convenience can help increase the attractiveness and value of the property as a whole.


The integration of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes meets a growing need for secure and convenient delivery solutions in urban environments. Whether as part of a new development or an existing condominium initiative, these solutions promote better parcel management, improve security and enhance residents' quality of life. These initiatives illustrate how the adoption of innovative technologies can respond effectively to the challenges of modern condominium living.