ICADE Integrates Connected Parcel Boxes Boks into its New Programs

ICADE Intègre des Boîtes à Colis Connectées Boks dans ses Nouveaux Programmes


Icade, a visionary property developer, wishing to stand out in the highly competitive new-build market, decided to incorporate Connected Parcel Boxes Boks as a standard feature in all its new property developments. Anticipating residents' modern needs for secure and convenient delivery solutions, this initiative aims to give their projects a significant competitive edge.

Solution: Installation of Shared Connected Parcel Boxes Boks

The Connected Parcel Boxes Boks are installed in the communal areas of new residences, accessible to all residents for shared use. Each resident can receive his or her parcels in complete security, even in their absence, thanks to a system of unique and temporary access codes.

Key benefits

  • Added value for residents: This modern, secure feature makes new homes more attractive to potential buyers, by meeting their expectations in terms of convenience and delivery security.
  • Market differentiation: By offering Boks Connected Parcel Boxes, the developer sets itself apart from the competition, providing a tangible solution to the parcel delivery issues that preoccupy many urban dwellers.
  • Improved co-existence: Parcel boxes reduce friction between neighbours over misdelivered or lost parcels and encourage better management of shared spaces.
  • Sustainability and security: The initiative underlines the developer's commitment to sustainable and secure solutions, improving the quality of life within the condominium.