EDF adopts connected parcel boxes Boks for optimized management of deliveries to industrial sites

EDF adopte les boîtes à colis connectées Boks pour une gestion optimisée des livraisons sur sites industriels


As part of the digitalization of its operations and the constant search for operational efficiency, EDF, leader in the energy sector, was faced with a major logistical challenge: optimizing the reception of packages and equipment on its vast industrial sites. The challenges were multiple: guaranteeing secure and efficient reception of equipment, minimizing work interruptions for parcel receptions, and improving the traceability of the many consignments received each day.

Solution : Installation of Connected Parcel Boxes Boks

EDF has chosen to install Connected Parcel Boxes Boks on several of its industrial sites. These innovative boxes, available 24/7, offer a turnkey solution for the automated reception of packages, without the need for human intervention, while ensuring precise, real-time traceability of deliveries.


Key benefits

  • 24/7 Availability: Boks parcel boxes enable reception of parcels at any time, day or night, ensuring that essential equipment is always received on time, without delaying critical operations.

  • Traceability of Deliveries: Thanks to an integrated tracking system, EDF benefits from complete traceability of deliveries, from the arrival of the package until its collection. This is essential for critical equipment whose receipt must be precisely documented.

  • Reception of Parcels without Personnel: Automating parcel reception allows EDF to reduce the need for personnel dedicated to this task, thus optimizing human resources and reducing operational costs.

  • Security and Privacy: Secure parcel boxes ensure that sensitive and valuable equipment is safely stored until recovered, eliminating the risk of loss or theft.


The adoption of Boks Connected Parcel Boxes by EDF has transformed the management of deliveries on its industrial sites. Work interruptions due to package management have been drastically reduced, equipment security and traceability have been strengthened, and operational efficiency has been improved. This partnership illustrates how Boks technology can meet the complex logistics needs of businesses in the industrial sector, offering innovative solutions that address their specific challenges.